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What is the plastic mold processing process?

Usually, the mold has two parts, an upper mold and a lower mold. The steel plate is placed between the upper and lower molds, and the material is formed under the action of the press. When the press is opened, the workpiece determined by the shape of the mold is obtained or the corresponding waste is removed.

Specific plastic mold processing process:

1. The bottom surface is processed and the processing volume is guaranteed;

2. The benchmark of the casting blank is corrected, and the 2D and 3D surface balance inspection;

3, 2D, 3D profile roughing, non-installation non-working plane machining (including safety platform surface, buffer mounting surface, platen plane, side reference surface);

4. Before semi-finishing, the alignment of the side datum ensures accuracy;

5, semi-finished 2D, 3D profile, finishing all types of installation work surface (including the limit block mounting surface and contact surface, insert mounting surface and back surface, punch mounting surface, scrap cutter mounting surface and back surface) , spring mounting surface and contact surface, various stroke limit working surface, wedge mounting surface and backrest surface), semi-finishing all kinds of guiding surfaces, guiding holes, leaving the finishing process reference hole and height reference surface, and recording data;

6, inspection and review processing accuracy;

7. The setting operation of the fitter;

8. Before the finishing, the reference hole of the process reference hole is corrected, and the remaining amount of the insert is checked;

9, finishing surface 2D, 3D, side punching surface and hole position, finishing process reference hole and height reference, finishing guide surface and guide hole;

10. Inspection and inspection processing accuracy.

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