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How to improve quality in the process of plastic mold manufacturing

Plastic mold manufacturing is a very complicated process. From the initial design, processing, assembly, commissioning and other steps to the final use, the impact of each process on the quality of plastic molds must be considered throughout the life cycle. All the details must be in place to improve the quality of the final plastic mold.

1. Select the casting material. The quality of the material directly affects the quality of the plastic mold. It is very important to choose a material with good performance and good heat resistance. In this case, the product produced is the best.

2. The design of plastic molds should be scientific and reasonable. For technical researchers, if you want to design things that meet the needs of the current market, you must design them reasonably, and use the most standard mold structure to complete the advantages and disadvantages of the mold parts. The specification of the usability of the mold structure and the technical processability.

3. Perfect quenching process. For plastic molds, the quenching process is indispensable. The quenching step should be operated correctly. If it is a wrong operation in one step, it will cause quality problems in the produced mold, resulting in the plastic mold not being able to Use or shorten the service life.

4, mold assembly: plastic mold assembly is like assembling the machine, each component, each screw can not be wrong, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious, lightly lead to product defects, affecting production, but also completely damage the mold, resulting in scrap. Therefore, the assembly work must be very detailed. In the assembly process, especially pay attention to the cleaning of the mold, especially the water circuit and screw holes. Be sure to blow off the iron filings inside.

5, mold maintenance: mold maintenance is mainly in the production process of maintenance and maintenance. Every time the mold is used, it must be fully maintained, especially the rust prevention of the molded part and the rust prevention of the main moving parts. Because the mold has to be watered during the production process, it may fall into the mold during the installation or disassembly process, so be sure to dry the mold and then apply a layer of oil protection.

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