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When will the two-color injection molding process be used?

In fact, many of the construction techniques used in car lights are emerging two-color injection molding in recent years. In fact, the embodiment of this process is to have two different colors when the product is processed. When the product is processed, the procedures involved are still complicated. For many people, this two-color injection molding process is very versatile, and general electronic products are the most commonly used.

Two-color injection molding in mobile phone battery applications

The mobile phone that everyone usually uses, after removing the battery, the exposed plastics are generally of different colors. When processing this product, it is necessary to use special two-color injection molding. Generally, when using this two-color injection molding process, the best finished product may be a color, but if you want to be your favorite color, sometimes there is no way to do a color.

Two-color injection molding has broad prospects

For many people, two-color injection molding has helped him a lot, and it is also a major breakthrough in related industries. I hope that everyone can pay more attention to this process, and in the near future, it will definitely give you even more surprises. In fact, when processing plastic products, the accuracy of the mold is very high. When you use the new two-color injection molding process, you must first perform the first shot, then rotate the mold one hundred and eighty degrees before the second shot.

The new mobile phone uses a two-color injection molding process that is unobtrusive and feels good.

Many of the latest mobile phones that are put on the market basically use this two-color injection molding process. In fact, the first button mobile phone is the most extreme embodiment of this technology. The product produced by this two-color injection molding process can not only achieve the beautiful effect, but also feel better when touched. You must also have a deep understanding. The cost performance of related products is also very high.

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