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Analysis of the three main stages of designing plastic molding dies

The design of plastic forming mold has many external constraints, complex and flexible structure, and the experience and exploratory characteristics. There are many contents to be analyzed and discussed in the mold design. If the design procedure is not reasonable or imperfect, it will affect the mold. The quality of the design. To this end, it is necessary to standardize and improve the plastic molding mold design process. In general, designing plastic molding dies can be divided into three main stages.

(1) Discussion stage This stage is mainly the preparation stage of the design work. It comprehensively grasps the plastic parts drawings and technical requirements provided, collects relevant technical materials, and explores the technical measures to meet the requirements. Make necessary modifications to the plastic parts or technical requirements if necessary.

(2) Concept stage This stage is based on the requirements of the previous stage and the relevant technical data and technical measures collected to propose design ideas for the main parts of the mold, and how to fit in the design of the main parts of the mold. Existing processing equipment and technology, and how to ensure mold processing quality, speed up molding and improve economic efficiency.

(3) Design phase This phase is mainly to implement the completed concept. The general assembly drawing of the plastic molding die and the drawing of each component are given, and the standard parts, the modified standard parts and the mold material plan to be used are proposed.

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