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What problems should be paid attention to in the production of plastic molds?

What do you need to pay attention to in the production of plastic molds? The first thing to look at is the complexity of the structure of the mold. It takes about a month to open a plastic mold. The time required for a complex mold is more durable. Usually a plastic mold is opened, it is required to do a detailed review. After reviewing the road, the mold can be opened. After a plastic mold is opened, it is required to test the mold. The following injection molding industry experts share with you the following requirements for plastic mold production needs? Below I will list five important keys with us.

1. Cooling in the mold (water passage) is related to factors such as product size, shape, plastic properties, and pressure holding time.

2. The roughness level of the cavity of the mold should reach the “mirror level”, otherwise the product is difficult to demould, and the product needs to be too strong to form product damage when it is ejected. There are standard rules for the roughness of the locating pin, the clamping surface and other parts.

3, the plastic mold should have a satisfactory stiffness, otherwise it will be deformed when the mold is kept under pressure, causing the "flash" to select a reasonable exhaust direction and its amount of control. Otherwise, the plastic is not filled and the product is "lack of material".

4, the needle should be selected reasonably, so that the material can reach each place evenly (the flow path is flat), and there must be a satisfactory storage to ensure that the plastic is replenished in the shortening process. Moreover, the shortening factor of each material is different, and the mold has a reasonable shortening rate.

5. The fixing method of the mold and the injection molding machine should be reasonable, and it must be firm and firm to avoid accidents caused by the displacement of the mold. It is also convenient to disassemble. Also, it is necessary to select a reasonable demoulding method and select a reasonable ejector orientation and quantity to ensure that the product is not damaged during the ejection process.

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